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Acharya, Subrata
(410) 704-4938; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh; Networks, Distributed Systems and/or Real Time Systems, Operating Systems, Network Security, Application Software Security, Information Security
Azadegan, Shiva
(410) 704-3951; Professor; Ph.D., University of Minnesota; Database Systems, Programming Languages, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Computer Security
Brown, Cheryl Thomas
(410) 704-4966; Lecturer; M.S., Johns Hopkins University; Sociological Effects of Computerization, Management/End-User Liaison, Systems Analysis, Database Management and Operating Systems
Carrier-Oren, Janet

Carrier-Oren, Janet

AIT 614, Network Security
Feng, Heidi
(410) 704-3463; Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County; Assistive Technology, Interface Design, Speech-Based Interaction, Trust and Privacy, Online Communities
Fouche, Sandro
(410) 704-2981; Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park; Software Engineering, Automated Testing, Distributed Systems, Efficient Computing, Mobile Learning
Friedman, Art

Friedman, Art

AIT 612, Information Systems Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
Holt, Al

Holt, Al

AIT 650, Computer & Network Forensics and Incident Response
Karne, Ramesh
(410) 704-3955; Professor; Ph.D., George Mason University; Bare Machine Computing Applications and Architectures; Transformation of OS Based Applications to Bare Machine Computing Applications; Design, Implementation and Performance Analysis of Server Systems, Gateways, Routers, Network Clients, Browser and other Network Elements
Kaza, Siddharth
(410) 704-6310; Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Arizona; Data/Web Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Information Assurance and Secure Coding, Web and Mobile Application Development
Lazar, Jonathan
(410) 704-2255; Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore; Human-Computer Interaction, Web Usability, Web Accessibility for People with Impairments, User-centered design methods, Public Policy and HCI, Usable Security, User Error and Frustration
McGuire, Michael
(410) 704-2337; Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County; Spatio-Temporal Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Sensor Database Systems, Distributed Databases, Environmental Informatics, Information Visualization
Nguyen, Nam
(410) 704-3089; Assistant Professor; Ph.D. University of Florida; Social Network Analysis, Social-aware Mobile Computing, Data Mining, and Cyber Security.
O'Leary, Mike
410-704-4757; Professor; Ph.D., Northwestern University; Mathematical Algorithms for Geographic Profiling, Cybersecurity
Pak, Charles

Pak, Charles

AIT 613, Introduction to Software Security; AIT 614, Network Security
Taylor, Blair
(410) 704-4560; Clinical Associate Professor; D.Sc. Towson University; Software Security, Secure Coding, Security Education
Ward, David

Ward, David

AIT 655, Managing Information Security
Wijesinha, Alexander
(410) 704-4660; Professor; Ph.D., University of Florida,  Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County; Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Network Aspects of Bare Machine Computing, Network Security, Network Performance  
Winebrenner, Erik

Winebrenner, Erik

AIT 614, Network Security
Yu, Wei
(410) 704-5528; Associate Professor; Ph.D., Texas A&M University; Computer Networks, Security, and Distributed Computing
Zimand, Marius
(410) 704-4967; Professor; Ph.D., University of Bucharest; Ph.D., University of Rochester; Computational Complexity, Algorithms, Cryptography