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Acharya, Subrata
(410) 704-4938; YR-425; Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh; Cyber Physical Systems, Medical Analytics, Trusted Computing, Information Security Management, Secure Health Informatics, Secure Mobile Systems, Ethical & Privacy Issues in Computing Systems
Azadegan, Shiva
(410) 704-3951; YR-463; Professor; Ph.D., University of Minnesota; Database Systems, Programming Languages, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Computer Security
Brown, Cheryl Thomas
(410) 704-4966; YR-444; Lecturer; M.S., Johns Hopkins University; Sociological Effects of Computerization, Management/End-User Liaison, Systems Analysis, Database Management and Operating Systems
Carrier-Oren, Janet

Carrier-Oren, Janet

AIT 614, Network Security
Feng, Heidi
(410) 704-3463; YR-477; Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County; Human-Computer Interaction, Accessible Computing, Health Informatics, Accessible Security Solutions
Fouche, Sandro
(410) 704-2981; YR-446; Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park; Software Engineering, Automated Continuous Integration Testing, Distributed Systems, System Administration, Cybersecurity, Mobile Applications and Emerging Technologies.
Friedman, Art

Friedman, Art

AIT 612, Information Systems Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
Holt, Al

Holt, Al

AIT 650, Computer & Network Forensics and Incident Response
Karne, Ramesh
(410) 704-3955; YR-429; Professor; Ph.D., George Mason University; Bare Machine Computing Applications and Architectures; Transformation of OS Based Applications to Bare Machine Computing Applications; Design, Implementation and Performance Analysis of Server Systems, Gateways, Routers, Network Clients, Browser and other Network Elements
Kaza, Siddharth
(410) 704-6310; YR-469; Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Arizona; Data/Web Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Information Assurance and Secure Coding, Web and Mobile Application Development
Lazar, Jonathan
(410) 704-2255; YR-478; Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland Graduate School Baltimore (UMBC); Human-Computer Interaction, Web Usability, Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities, User-centered design methods, Public Policy and Law related to Human-Computer Interaction, Usable Security
McGuire, Michael
(410) 704-2337; YR-443; Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County; Spatio-Temporal Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Sensor Database Systems, Distributed Databases, Environmental Informatics, Information Visualization
Nguyen, Nam
(410) 704-3089; YR-445; Assistant Professor; Ph.D. University of Florida; Social Network Analysis, Social-aware Mobile Computing, Data Mining, and Cyber Security.
O'Leary, Mike
410-704-4757; Professor; Ph.D., Northwestern University; Mathematical Algorithms for Geographic Profiling, Cybersecurity
Pak, Charles

Pak, Charles

AIT 613, Introduction to Software Security; AIT 614, Network Security
Taylor, Blair
(410) 704-4560; YR-427; Clinical Associate Professor; D.Sc. Towson University; Software Security, Secure Coding, Security Education
Ward, David

Ward, David

AIT 655, Managing Information Security
Wijesinha, Alexander
(410) 704-4660; Professor; YR-428; Ph.D., University of Florida,  Ph.D., University of Maryland Baltimore County; Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Network Aspects of Bare Machine Computing, Network Security, Network Performance  
Winebrenner, Erik

Winebrenner, Erik

AIT 614, Network Security
Yu, Wei
(410) 704-5528; YR-467; Associate Professor; Ph.D., Texas A&M University; Cyber Security, Computer Networks and Cyber-Physical Systems
Zimand, Marius
(410) 704-4967; YR-466; Professor; Ph.D., University of Bucharest; Ph.D., University of Rochester; Computational Complexity, Algorithms, Cryptography