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Dr. Ramesh K. Karne, Professor and Director, D.Sc. Program:  Doctoral Program Information Page / D.Sc. in Information Technology

D.Sc. Information Technology

Home of the Computer & Information Sciences Dept. at Towson University

Home of the Computer & Information Sciences Dept. at Towson University

The Doctor of Science program in Information Technology offered by Towson University’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences in collaboration with the Center of Applied Information Technology, prepares students for academic, research, government and state of the art industry positions.

About half of our alumni are currently working as tenure-track assistant professors or research scientists across the country and abroad.

The doctoral program requires 18 credits of course work, a qualifying examination and a minimum of 24 credits of dissertation beyond master’s program. Students can choose to specialize in computer science by selecting the Computer Science Track when applying to the program. Similar to any other Ph.D. program in the country, doctoral students have to demonstrate research capabilities and publish in reputed journals or conferences in order to graduate.

 IT Doctoral Program Objectives:

  • Students will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals in four of the following seven areas: data structures and algorithms, operating systems, computer networks, database systems, project management, software engineering, and human computer interaction.
  • Students will conduct and document scholarly research.
  • Students will present scholarly research.

Degree Requirements

  • Completion of requirements for a master’s degree (33 units) in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology (IT), or any other closely related areas. (Completion of a master’s degree is required for full admission to the doctoral program. You may choose to complete a master’s degree in Computer Science, or AIT at Towson University.)
  • Completion of a minimum of 18 additional graduate-level units from the list of courses for the doctoral program as recommended by the program committee. If your master’s degree is not in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Information Technology, the doctoral program committee may assign you additional courses to be completed based on individual cases.
  • Annual GPA of at least 3.5.
  • Satisfactory completion of written/oral qualifying examination (maximum of two attempts).
  • Satisfactory completion of at least 24-units dissertation requirement, you can only register maximum of 6 credits per a regular semester and 3 credits in a summer.
  • Research publications in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals as expected by the doctoral dissertation committee.
  • Satisfactory completion of dissertation defense.

Computer Science (CS) Track

In addition to the general degree requirements for the doctorate in IT, three specific CS courses (9 credits) must be taken for the track in Computer Science, with additional requirements for the qualifying examination (given below). An IT doctoral student taking these three courses, passing the qualifying exam in the specified areas, and successfully completing the research requirements for the degree in a CS-related area will be eligible to graduate with a Computer Science track.

Required Courses

  • COSC 600 (Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms)
  • COSC 519 (Operating Systems)
  • COSC 650 (Computer Networks)

Qualifying Exam Requirements

Students in the Computer Science track must pass the following areas of the qualifying exam:

  • Operating Systems
  • Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Networks

and ONE of the following areas,

  • Database Management Systems
  • Computer Security
  • Software Engineering


Publications in this track are expected to be related to computer science.

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