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  1. CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service (SFS) at Towson University (S. Azadegan, J. Dehlinger, S. Kaza, B.Taylor, and W. Yu). National Science Foundation (NSF), DUE-1241649, 10/2012 – 9/2017, $2,093,834.
  2. Security Injections for CS0, CS1, and CS2: Promoting Responsible Coding and Building a Community of Security Ambassadors (S. Kaza and B. Taylor), National Science Foundation (NSF), DUE 1241738, $451,879, 9/2012-8/2015
  3. Building Security In:  Injecting Security throughout the Undergraduate Computing Curriculum (B. Taylor, S. Kaza, S. Azadegan, M. O’Leary, C. Turner), National Science Foundation, DUE-0817267. $399,511, 2008-2012 (link 2)
  4. Design and Evaluation of HealthCare Information Security System (S. Acharya) Funded by: Information Services, Altoona Regional Health System (ARMS), $234,000, March 2011 – February 2014. Additional funds for Meaningful Use Stages Implementation – $78000.
  5. Membership Inference in a Differentially Private World and Beyond (W. Yu), National Science Foundation (NSF). CNS-1117175. 9/2011 – 8/2014, $164,040.
  6. A Distributed Host-Based Intrusion Detection Framework for Military Network Operation (W. Yu), Army Research Laboratory (ARL). Grant #: W911NF-11-1-0193. 05/2011 – 05/2014. $154,333.
  7. SPLASH: Secure Programming Logic Aimed at Students in High School (B. Taylor and A. Dudley), National Science Foundation CyberSTARS Program: $95,000, 2013-2014.
  8.  Information Assurance Scholarship Program S. Azadegan, DoD IASP, 10/2012-8/2013, $51,456.
  9. An Integrated Modeling and Simulation Framework of Power Grid and Communication Networks (PI: Wei Yu). Source: Prometheus Computing Inc. as part of a federal contract from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Duration: 9/2012 – 09/2013. Amount: $40,792.
  10. 2012). A Network Sensor-Based Defense Framework for Active Network Security Situation Awareness and Impact Mitigation (W. Yu, C. Lu ), Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc. as part of a federal SBIR contract, $40,000, 2/2012-9/2012
  11. Programming Logic Course with Secure Coding for High School Girls (A. Dudley and B. Taylor), Department of Defense IASP Capacity Building, Aug. 2012-Jul. 2013, $36,000 (link 3)
  12. Helping Bowie State Develop a Case Studies Course in Computer Security (M. O’Leary, C. Turner), Department of Defense IASP: Capacity Building; H98230-11-100437, 8/11 – 11/12, $20,192.
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