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Artificial Intelligence

Faculty experts: Dr. Charles Dierbach, Dr. Robert Hammell, Dr. Harry Zhou

Bare Machine Computing, Dispersed Operating System Computing

Faculty experts: Dr. Ramesh Karne, Dr. Alexander Wijesinha
Associated groups/labs: Dispersed Operating System Computing Lab


Faculty experts: Dr. Nadim Alkharouf

Computer Networks

Faculty experts: Dr. Yanggon Kim, Dr. Alexander Wijesinha

Computer Security, Network Security, Information Assurance

Faculty experts: Dr. Subrata Acharya, Dr. Shiva Azadegan, Dr. Siddharth Kaza, Dr. Mike O’Leary, Dr. Blair Taylor, Dr. Alex Wijesinha, Dr. Wei Yu, Dr. Marius Zimand More information on Cybersecurity@Towson at

Computer Simulation

Faculty experts: Dr. Darush Davani

Computer Vision, Digital Signal Processing

Faculty experts: Dr. Chao Lu, Dr. Katherine (Ziying) Tang

Associated groups/labs:

Data Mining, Web Mining

Faculty experts: Dr. Siddharth Kaza, Dr. Mike McGuire, Dr. Harry Zhou

Associated groups/labs:

e-Learning, Pedagogy

Faculty experts: Dr. Shiva Azadegan, Dr. Josh Dehlinger, Dr. Siddharth Kaza, Dr. Gabriele Meiselwitz, Dr. Blair Taylor, Dr. Yeong-Tae Song

Associated groups/labs:

Human Computer Interaction, Accessibility, Universal Usability

Universal usability is the goal of making informational systems easier to use for all user populations. This includes, but is not limited to, novice users, older users, younger users, users with perceptual impairments, users with motor impairments, and users with cognitive impairments. Research in this area also includes the Internationalization of User Interfaces and Cross Cultural Usability.

Faculty experts: Dr. Joyram Chakraborty, Dr. Suranjan Chakraborty, Dr. Heidi Feng, Dr. Jonathan Lazar, Dr. Gabriele Meiselwitz, Dr. Kathy Wang

Associated groups/labs: Universal Usability Laboratory

Software Engineering, Enterprise Architecture

Faculty experts: Dr. Suranjan Chakraborty, Dr. Josh Dehlinger, Dr. Sandro Fouche, Dr. Yeong-Tae Song

Associated groups/labs: