Beth, Blair, Sagar, Sidd

  1. Call Beth @ 11:15 570.588.7375
  2. Workshop at UCC date – 1/22 or 2/1? – beth
    1. 11a – 1p – lunch after
    2. UCC caters lunch
  3. Sub-award with ACM – we should contact Craig Jacobson or Pat Ryan – beth, blair
  4. Travel to SIGCSE – budget considerations ($4k/year)
  5. Workshop at SIGCSE
    1. 1 day given by conf
    2. video recording – sagar reserve video camera for UCC and SIGCSE. Trial run at UCC.
  6. Pre-survey followup with jo-ellen – sidd
  7. Contact other community colleges for workshop at UCC – Middlesex, etc. – Beth
  8. Make the flier for the short course – sagar, sidd
    1. date 1/22
  9. Discussion about adding to syllabus: Maybe have a small group activity where 2-3 participants work to include the modules into their syllabus and assignments
  10. CS 2013 ironman 0.8 draft is out , steering comittee meeting in feb,
  11. Get student voice going for pre-survey and post-survey – sidd
  12. Dont overkill on the survey – get details from jo-ellen – sidd


sagar, blair, sidd

  1. put the links on the homepage for workshop – sagar
  2. student voice set up survey – sidd
  3. get an account for sagar for student voice – sagar
  4. contact irb to get exception for our survey – blair
  5. remind matt that he will be videotaped at sigsce – blair
  6. see the video that matt sent – sidd
  7. put java compilers on laptops – sidd (on their own), blair (on their own)
  8. get the server running on laptop and setup a wifi hotspot – sidd, sagar
  9. go over CS 1 integer error in java c++ – sagar, sidd
  10. pick student creative projects from class – blair
  11. put creative projects from blair’s class on website – sagar
  12. ask beth to send reminder – sidd
  13. ask beth to see what wording of objectives we need to put in syllabus – sidd
  14. find the slides of discussion questions from sigcse bof – sidd
  15. talk to kevin to see what he is doing for SEED workshops – sidd
  16. feedback link on modules – maybe wordpress plugin – sidd


  1. put Build-a-lab webpage/poster – sagar, sidd
  2. sagar – class2go progress – sagar
  3. sagar – mooc usability study – sagar
  4. what happened to permalink with the readable URLs – sidd, sagar
  5. Put a NSF support acknowledgement below the workshop agenda – this workshop is partially supported by … add diana burley’s grant number too – sagar
  6. make a list of attendees put on a webpage (preworkshop page) – sagar
  7. make a map with amabasadors embed – sagar
  8. make a new student projects page – emily, blair
  9. reimbursement forms from diana – sidd
  10. take sec inj mugs to UCC – sagar
  11. book camera for UCC – sagar


  1. Send email to OTS, for site redirecting -Sidd
  2. Ask Sam for web cam -Sidd
  3. Add intro to agenda -Sidd
  4. Pick USB from Sidd. -Sagar
  5. Include security injections program in discussion questions.
  6. Pick discussion questions.
  7. Add some way to group sessions and discussion questions.
  8.  Numbers and Tags (Extension to point 7).
  9. change name of secinj folder on triton server so its not accessible – do not delete. -sagar
  10. revise modules to conform to cs2013 language – sidd, blair
  11. find all references to triton in hyperlinks in pages and replace them with cis1 – sagar
  12. remove feedback tab from printing of modules – sagar


  1. andrew mangle from ccbc
  2. move more on project to right
  3. make table of KU and LOs – sidd
  4. flip the order of assessment to after module exercise – sagar
  5. remove passwords – sagar
  6. make discussion more scripted – break questions by groups, 5 groups
  7. move last few slides from imp of secure coding to segway to modules – sidd


  1. Put the background of CS0, CS1, CS2. -Blair
  2. Add NA to Survey for comp, engg folks. -Sidd
  3. “Submit the checklist here” in CS0 has to be changed to “Print the checklist” -Sagar
  4. Make Python in CS1 -Sidd
  5. Make Code Responsibly stickers
  6. Open links on Agenda page in new tabs. -Sagar
  7. Put URL www.towson.edu/securityinjections on home page -Sagar
  8. Cartoon picture not showing – need to fix it. -Sagar
  9. Get captcha working -Sagar
  10. Add Video’s – Sagar
  11. Clarify from Robert Seacord about C++ Buffer Overflow regarding padding between buffers. – Blair/Sidd
  12. Fix CS0 python. -Sidd
  13. Add alt text in Code Responsibly -Sagar
  14. Ask Marcy about mallots – Blair
  15. Edit video – remove head – Sagar
  16. look at conference schedule
  17. showcase – make more attractive – Sagar
  18. plan advisory board meeting in july- sidd
  19. send email to all workshop particpants and include call for build-a-lab – Sidd
  20. security ambassadors (think about one) – cara@pcc?
  21. check sigite for workshops
  22. send survey results to jo-ellen – sidd


  1. talk to casey/cyberwatch – sidd,blair
  2. send a build-a-lab call  – sidd
  3. remove rss feed references- sagar
  4. remove teach security now (button) from home page – sagar
  5. add sec amb to the people page and map (bubble) with legend – sagar
  6. put banner on homepage for build-a-lab – sagar
  7. find out video editor for cybersecurity video – blair
  8. review build-a-lab and request email list for BOF- blair


  1. add villanova workshop to dissemination – sagar
  2. change the date of build a lab to may 30th – sidd
  3. send a reminder about build a lab – sidd
  4. send targeted invites about build a lab – to cara, 
  5. generate a report for which modules are being used – sagar
  6. create a youtube channel – sagar
  7. create a posts page so we can publish new articles – sagar
  8. Add passwords video in the discussion questions of the password module – sidd


  1.  class2go – summer pilot – sagar
  2. remove hr from home page – sagar
  3. rearrange website – blair, sagar, sidd
  4. setup PI and partners call in july – sidd
  5. come up with gatekeeper questions for input validation cs1 – blair, sidd
  6. setup a meeting with dr. qing li and reizelie about terms/guidelines for class2go based on literature- sidd
  7. remove users from wordpress who dont work with us anymore – sagar
  8. contact EMF department – contact david reed


  1. Annual Report
  2. Conference Calls
    1. Build-a-lab conference call 
    2. PIs and Partners call (bowie – jie yan, hcc – john mayhorne, aacc – trish, ccbc – jack) – emails first then follow-up later if needed
    3. Advisory board call (ken dewey, kara nance, robert seacord, eric sheridan, shambu)
    4. Jo-ellen call – buildalab evals, can she write a portion of AR?
    5. Security Ambassadors call – Cara Tang




  1. SIGCSE poster – October 28
  2. sticker art – Sagar
  3. sec inj – input validation


  1. complete input valid, start working on buffer overflow, – jesse, sagar
  2. change backend architecture for instructor – jesse
  3. fix the module links so students cannot go forward without answering questions – sagar


  1. fix workshops page remove
  2. test the input validation module and make it final – sagar, jesse
  3. change the checklist to color – jesse
  4. can we get dramatic results. are we asking the right questions?


  1. setup a meeting with rezelie – sidd
  2. google code issue tracker – jessie
  3. check nadine’s module
  4. record video with matt bishop
  5. contact jo-ellen for security ambasador evaluation
  6. update workshop schedule on website – soundarya / sagar
  7. cs0, cs1, cs2 workshop in the department on 24th – sagar,
  8. cs1 integer error in class2go ready
  9. upload the cosc 175 projects to websites
  10. give access soundarya  to the s: drive and  -
  11. sigcse travel arrangements – flight – sagar, blair, sidd
  12. sigcse poster creation needs to be done by march – sagar
  13. cisse – in sagar
  14. ask diana b – if matt is there?
  15.  Need to work on IRB Approval.
  16. Get access to Splash Website – Soundarya
  17. Add http://www.clustrmaps.com/index.htm clustermaps to homepage to show visitors – soundarya


Annual meeting with Security Ambassadors

  1. The program
  2. Conferences to present workshops in
    1. List of conferences we have
    2. what other conferences might be appropriate?
  3. Evaluation – our evaluator will contact you, cara, phone call
  4. Cara – what can we improve about the program?
    1. changes to the agenda?
  5. Cindy – How would you want the payment  stipend? travel?
  6. Have the reimbursements arrived?
  7. Do you have other security ambassadors in mind?

PI Meeting

  1. Beth – have you heard of interdisciplinary IA minors?
  2. Did you get your payment?

Conference deadlines:


  • sagar presentation on security injections.
  • references needs to be added for project
  • Implementation plan need to be worked on.(task 2 needs to be done before task 1)
  • we should get identities (how do we get them ?)
  • feedback should be added for every module.
  •  add concept questions and quiz for student retention
  • slide 9. implementation should be changed.
  • work on html content
  • need to get modules ready for spring 2014.



  • Jessy about breaking exam — done
  • class to go create mutiple sections– jessy –done
  • working on sec checklist-jessy, sagar–done
  • We should do few pre questions and upload it to student voice. That should be done for 175 and also 236- sagar
  • to change the module : change question 7 fro cs1 java integer error-sagar
  • A demo user name and password needs to be created–sagar –not done
  • IRB follow up email needs to be sent – kaza
  • Work on webpage upcoming events — soundarya, sagar  
  • work on cs1 java — check it as a student — soundarya



  • need to create dash board for professors(instructors).  at any given time instructor should be able to check status of course.
  • need to work on the checklist.
  • need to create helper functions for all the instructions.
  • cs1 template is ready (work done)
  • remove integer error part-sagar
  • checklist all are working-
  • xml has to be changed for each course for copying individual sections
  • work on the students pairing random.
  • prepare a document with all the instructions of randomizing process–sagar


  • Dash board rough idea is discussed
  • In one visual instructor knows what all he has done
  • make it comma separated so that students can copy into excel
  • create a visual for each module to see how much syllabus is completed.
  • create registration for every student.
  • let student select their pair by providing their email id and password.
  • work on pairing issues and then work on dash board.
  • pre-surveys are working.
  • Write a utility that generates ans from xml
  • migrate class to cis
  • need to check with stickers and buttons.
  • roll out security  injections 2.0 by sisci
  • COR – send jessy work in progress–sagar
  • set up a video call with Matt


  • Make a user name and password for Ahmed
  • Need to talk to Ahmend to know class to go details
  • Need to check with dash board. It would be needed at end of semester
  • the bugs are more important now.
  • jessy will work on bugs
  • issue wth CS1 input validation.
  • move checklist up with program
  • we need to prepare 2 checklists and 2 codes.
  • Need to send log in account for 4 poeple in 3 community colleges.
  • This will be for CS0 only.
  • prepare bags for the meeting


  • Update details on maps
  • work on stickers
  • work on CIS-1 module. 
  • work on the poster.
  • sagar has a presentation on secinj 
  • bag packed for 4/4/2014 conference 
  • update participants list in work shop 


Meeting notes 

  • work on the instruction sheets. 
  • convert the instructions to html-one week due 
  • issues with input validation in CS-0 
  • work on the checks in answers.
  • remove the warning for answers . 
  • work on the partners
  • work on testing the modules after instruction dash board is done. 
  • work on literature — sagar 
  • the module is crashing during the class. 
  • check with logs to fix issue. 
  • work on the splash website  about the video in website.


  • worked on maps 
  • worked on encryptions on website. 
  • worked on splash website. 
  • checked hands on experience for work shop module. 



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