Software Security and Vulnerability

Patrick McGrew and Jeff Martin, Towson University

We rely on software increasingly,
For military, financial, and medical stability.

Attacks are becoming more and more malicious,
Every time I long onto a program, I look for something suspicious.

With 1 to 7 defects per thousand lines of code,
Statistics more startling then a South American poison toad.

If the system has millions of lines of code,
Trying to find all the defects will make your head explode.

The impact is staggering, financially,
180 billion dollars!? Money doesn’t grow on trees!

So what do we have to do to fix these vulnerabilities?
To prevent cyber-attacks to thousands of companies.

The first step is simple: education,
About how to prevent these cyber invasions.

Educate the public on input validation and buffer overflow,
A few tidbits of knowledge and you’re good to go!

Input validation to ensure correctness and meaningfulness,
Buffer overflow protection to prevent data leaking into the abyss.

Integer overflow is really no joke,
If there’s not enough space for your data it will go up in smoke.

So remember all the information you have learned here today,
And programming and security will become child’s play!

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