Security Importance

Jordan Tuwiner, Towson University


You must write secure code from the start
Otherwise Mrs. Taylor will tear your program apart

You’ll have to re-code your whole program
If you’re running out of time on the test you’ll have to cram

You don’t want your program exploited by hackers
The Internet world is full of potent attackers

Secure coding is super important
It probably deserves its very own chant

Your program should run no matter the kind of attack
Secure coding is not something your program should lack

You must write secure code if you want a good grade
Mrs. Taylor’s orders to write secure code must be obeyed

Beware of and make sure your program is without exploits
Otherwise when you’re graded you will lose points

Although our programs in class won’t be hacked
When we are in the real world a mistake won’t be backed

Companies need secure code to keep information private
Writing secure code will certainly guarantee good fate

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