1. Show the Security Injections Website http://www.towson.edu/securityinjections (10 minutes)
  2. Complete the CS1 Integer Error in Java/C++ (30 min)

You will need a Java/C++ compiler.

CS0 Integer Error C++ Module

CS1 Integer Error Java Module

CS0 C++ Secure Development Lifecycle

You are encouraged to pair up as needed – this is a strategy we use in classes while completing the modules.


Optional – Present modules and explain structure (5 min)

  1. Assessment Results (slides)
  2. CSo Integer Error C++ Module
  3. If you don’t have IDE to run C++, Java, and Python code, please use following online platform for C++, Java and,Python

    (You can either write the code or add a file in the IDE’s above, but, make sure you click compile options under “Project” menu at the top to select the file you want to compile, then you can use compile and execute buttons to compile and run the selected code or file.)

Presenter demo account: instructor/instructor1234



Optional sections:

    1. Break (10 min, if workshop schedule allows)
    2. Complete a Computer Literacy module (15 min)

The URL for the website is http://www.towson.edu/securityinjections – browse over to Computer Literacy Module.

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