1. Show the Security Injections Website http://www.towson.edu/securityinjections (10 minutes)
  2. Complete the CS1 Integer Error in Java/C++ (30 min)

              Navigate to modules through www.towson.edu/securityinjections

                You are encouraged to pair up as needed – this is a strategy we use in classes while completing the modules.

Optional – Present modules and explain structure (5 min)

  1. Assessment Results (slides)
  2. CS0 Integer Error C++ Demo Module 3.0
  3. If you don’t have IDE to run C++, Java, and Python code, please use following online platform for C++, Java and,Python

            Cloud9 Instructions
                     –  Navigate to https://c9.io/web/sign-up/free  
                     –  Create a user account
                     –  Navigate to https://c9.io/login
                     –  Enter Email and Password to Log in
                     –  Select Create new workspace
                     –  Provide a name and short decsription of the workspace
                     –  Select the appropriate template (“C++”, “Python”, or “Custom” for using Java)
                                       -If using C++ / Python…create a new file, and simply select “Run” from the tool bar, once you have saved your .c or .py file
                                        -If using Java…create a new file, save it as a .java file.

First set up javac – 

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install default-jdk


To compile, type the command “javac yourFileName.java” in the                                                                                 command terminal. Then to execute type the command “java yourFileName 

Presenter demo account: instructor/instructor1234 

Optional sections:

    1. Break (10 min, if workshop schedule allows)
    2. Complete a Computer Literacy module (15 min)

The URL for the website is http://www.towson.edu/securityinjections – browse over to Computer Literacy Module.

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