CyberCorps Security Seminar Series

Date: Monday March 11
Time: 5:30pm (Pizza), 6:00pm-7:00pm (Presentation)
Location: Department Conference Room (YR 459)

Speaker: Mr. Dillon Amburgey
Elite unit of cyber professionals, Intelligence and Information Systems, Raytheon

Title: History of Binary Exploitation

Abstract: The history of binary exploitation goes back further than many familiar with computer science are aware. This talk acts as a brief overview of some of the more interesting attacks and defenses implemented over the past four decades in binary memory corruption. From simple stack based buffer overflows, to more advanced attacks, many techniques are discussed at a level high enough that previous experience isn’t necessary, but even an expert might learn something new.

Bio: Mr Dillon Amburgey is a Senior Software Engineer at Raytheon SI Government solutions where he analyzes desktop and embedded systems for security flaws. He is also active in the Capture the Flag hacking community where he plays on team Hates Irony and develops the Ghost in the Shellcode competition.

History of Binary ExploitationHistory of Binary Exploitation