What is SPLASH

SPLASH is an introductory programming logic course that prepares high school students to begin programming in any language.

Students receive 4 college credits upon successful completion.




 Increase the interest and participation of young women, who are severely underrepresented in computer science, to computing and cybersecurity majors


Prepare young women for college majors such as computer science, information science, cybersecurity, and engineering


Introduce young women to secure programming

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Course Syllabus

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Class Videos



What makes SPLASH different?

SPLASH introduces secure coding from the first programming course to ensure that students learn secure and responsible coding.

The SPLASH program includes security modules from Security Injections to introduce concepts such as:

Integer Error, Input Validation, Buffer Overflow, Data Hiding, Encapsulation, Exception Handling, and much more!

What will I know if I Complete the SPLASH Course?


Understand and apply the software development process.


Analyze problems and design structured solutions.


Understand, create, and apply simple data types and arrays.


Create algorithmic solutions using basic control structures (sequence, decisions, loops) and functions.


Compile, execute, and run simple programs (in C++).


Understand the importance of secure programming.

We are always looking  for support from private, corporate, or government sources to continue this important initiative. Contact Dr. Siddharth Kaza, or Ms. Claire Keaton (Towson University Admissions)

SPLASH Fall 2016 is funded by Intel Corporation

SPLASH Summer 2016 was funded by GenCyber (NSA) under grant #5041203

The Security Injections@Towson, SPLASH@Towson, and Cyber4All projects are supported by the National Science Foundation under grants NSF DUE-1241738,  NSF DUE -0817267, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1241649, the GenCyber program, and the Intel Corporation.