Interdisciplinary Studies in Cybersecurity (InSinC)

This minor is currently going through the approval process at Towson University.

Effective cybersecurity solutions require initiatives that not only prepare computer scientists to be cybersecurity professionals, but extend security education to all majors to produce a cybersecurity prepared workforce. As cyberspace has become ubiquitous, cybersecurity has become everyone’s business. A comprehensive cybersecurity education model needs to reach all students and disciplines impacted by cybersecurity issues.

A minor at Towson requires between 18 and 30 credits with at least 12 upper-level credits. CS, IS, and IT majors will not be allowed to take this minor.

Cybersecurity Studies Minor structure (19 credits)


Cyber4All: A scalable interdisciplinary cybersecurity minor for all NON-MAJOR undergraduates, has the following components:

An Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Minor

A multidisciplinary team of industry and academic experts will design an interdisciplinary cybersecurity minor that will include a set of foundational courses. In addition, the minor will include tracks in critical application areas within the disciplines of health care, criminal justice, e-business (coming soon), and information technology. This minor will be designed using courses common at most institutions and implemented so all students across all majors can complement their undergraduate degrees with cybersecurity knowledge.

A Library of Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Modules

The multidisciplinary team of industry and academic experts will design modules that target core cybersecurity issues that are pertinent to that discipline. Modules will be designed as reusable learning objects that can be injected into the course with minimal instructor supervision. This will be modeled after the Security Injections@Towson project ( that has demonstrated success introducing secure coding in computer science classes.

An Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Ecosystem to Build and Sustain the Curriculum

Faculty collaboration is the key underpinning to creating a successful and sustainable interdisciplinary program. As part of our model, we will build a faculty ecosystem at Towson, which will include a Cybersecurity Ambassador working with faculty fellows in each discipline. The ambassador(s) will champion cybersecurity education initiatives.