In fall 2012 and 2013 a total of 20 high school girls across Maryland participated in the SPLASH program at a substantially reduced tuition through support from the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics. The SPLASH section was taught in parallel to an in-class section, which was videotaped, and the girls collaborated with faculty and student mentors using a private social networking support group.


Final Projects

Input Validation by Summer Lagambi, Haley McComas, Abbey Baker

Input Validation

By Jessica McWilliams

While putting the finishing touch on my trace,
I found a problem I had to erase,
The user can enter the denominator,
Before the division will occur.

What if the user enters a zero?
Input Validation will be my hero,
An “if” statement is all it takes to,
Save the world from implosion for you.

Input validation has other uses too,
If you don’t want to turn three hundred and two;
on your birthday on the forty-third of June.

What if the user is sleep deprived?
And asked for their name, they simply put 5?
Input validation can check for the right type,
and give an error message if it’s not right.

When I fixed my program a thought came to me:
Input Validation is all about security,
If used correctly it makes my programs robust,
So I can be a programmer you trust.


“My experience at the GenCyber SPLASH program was an extremely positive one. I went into this course, thinking it would simply be a way for me to practice coding over the summer. I came out of the course having acquired a good grasp of C++, Safe programming, and careers I could go into if I wanted to continue learning about secure coding.
The class was challenging, but never to the point where I was horribly lost. I’d highly recommend this course for anyone even slightly interested in programming, regardless of prior experience!”

GenCyber SPLASH Summer 2016

“The GenCyber SPLASH program was a great opportunity and helpful introduction to coding. It was challenging and fun, and progressed at a good pace. The teachers were always helpful, as well as the other students. This course is perfect for anyone who has no previous experience with computer programming.”

GenCyber SPLASH Summer 2016

“The GenCyber SPLASH program was an incredible opportunity for me. This course played an instrumental role in jump starting my education in the world of computer science. While the topics and pace were challenging & very mentally demanding, the teachers were always easy to reach when I had questions. I would definitely recommend this course to any high school student who is serious about their education and looking to get started in coding!”

GenCyber SPLASH Summer 2016

SPLASH Fall 2016 is funded by Intel Corporation

SPLASH Summer 2016 was funded by GenCyber (NSA) under grant #5041203

The Security Injections@Towson, SPLASH@Towson, and Cyber4All projects are supported by the National Science Foundation under grants NSF DUE-1241738,  NSF DUE -0817267, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1241649, the GenCyber program, and the Intel Corporation.