Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Minor

The minor will include tracks in critical application areas within the disciplines of health care, e-business, criminal justice, and information technology.

A Library of Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Modules

Modules will be designed as reusable learning objects that can be injected into the course with minimal instructor supervision.


Cybersecurity Faculty: Fellows at Towson University

The team also includes three faculty associates who will design curriculum and foster interest in cybersecurity in their respective disciplines.

Dr. Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld

Dr. Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld

Associate Professor, Healthcare Management Program

Brian J. Gorman, M.Sc., J.D.

Brian J. Gorman, M.Sc., J.D.

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Dr. Barin Nag

Dr. Barin Nag

Professor, E-Business and Technology Management

Increasing diversity to the cybersecurity workforce

Expanding cybersecurity education beyond computer science

Increasing the number of students who study cybersecurity.

Providing a much-needed cybersecurity mindset to future decision-makers and front-line workers.

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Cybersecurity General Education Seminar

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