Secure Coding Workshop

September 10rd & 11th, 2018

Charlotte, NC

The Secure Coding Workshop 2018 is being held on September 10-11 in Charlotte, NC

Hosted by UNC Charlotte

Funded by the National Security Agency

National Cybersecurity Curriculum Program

By Invitation Only

The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts in secure coding
-to build on curriculum developed via the National Cybersecurity Curriculum Program or NSF,
-to develop complete materials/resources for a course in Secure Coding, and
-to create a Community of Practice of secure coding educators and experts.

Monday, September 10

  9:00 –   9:30 Opening and Introductions:
Blair Taylor, Towson University/NSA (CON)
Jerry Tompkins, NSA
Heather Lipford, UNCC
Matt Bishop, UC Davis
  9:30 –  10:30 Breakout 1: Requirements – Complete Blueprint for Secure Coding Syllabus
10:30 –  10:45 Break
10:45 –  11:45 Breakout 2: Define a preliminary list of Secure Coding Modules (Pick a group based on Category)
11:45 –   1:00 Lunch on your own (Master List compiled by facilitators)
  1:00 –   1:15 Scrum – Sanity Check on Master List of Secure Coding Modules
  1:15 –   2:15 Breakout 3: Design structure (LOs – lab, presentation,etc.) of each module (Pick a group based on Category)
  2:15 –  2:30 Scrum
  2: 30 – 2:45 Break
  2:45 –  3:45 Breakout 4: Develop a Master Grid of Learning Objects (Pick a group based on Modules)
  3:45 – 4:00 Scrum
  4:00 – 4:30 Homework Assignments
  4:30 –  6:30 Group Homework
  7:00 Group Dinner

Tuesday, September 11

  9:00 –   9:15 Directions for the Day
Heather Lipford, UNCC
Matt Bishop, UC Davis
  9:15 – 10:15 Working Groups
10:15 – 10:30 Break
10:30 – 11:30 Working Groups
11:30 – 12:00 Briefings: NCCP – Blair Taylor, Towson University/NSA (CON)
Curriculum Review – Melissa Dark, Purdue University/NSA (CON)
12:00 –   1:15 Lunch on your own
  1:15 –   2:00 Open Discussion – Developing a Community of Practice
  2:00 –   3:00 Wrap-up: Future Expectations
Next Steps
  3:00 Adjourn


UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC

UNC Charlotte Center City
320 E. 9th Street
Room 804

The workshop will be held in downtown Charlotte at UNC Charlotte’s center city building. The building is adjacent to the 9th street light rail station, and is walking distance to a variety of hotels, restaurants, and attractions in downtown Charlotte.

Hotel      Please note, the cutoff date for reserving rooms in is August 1, 2018.  

If driving to the workshop, you will need a parking permit. Please check your email for the link to print your permit.

There will be no food or beverage served at the workshop, so please bring whatever you want with you. There is an Einstein’s Bagel in the lobby of the building, so you can get coffee or other refreshments throughout the day. Various breakfast and lunch options are listed below.

Dinner Monday night at 7pm: 204 North Kitchen and Cocktails (, 204 N. Tryon St.

Breakfast and lunch options:

  • Einstein’s Bagel – UNCC lobby
  • 7th Street Market, 225 East 7th Street – various vendors
  • Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, 225 East 6th Street
  • Queen City Q, 225 East 6th Street
  • Mert’s Heart and Soul, 214 N. College Street
  • Duckworth’s Grill, 330 N Tryon St.
  • Fuel Pizza, 214 N Tryon
  • Soho Bistro, 214 N Tryon

Heather’s comments: I recommend stopping in the 7th street market on the walk to the workshop for coffee or breakfast. And if you arrive before dinner on Sunday night, try Mert’s for some good southern food.

Thank you for your participation in this important initiative.

The Secure Coding Workshop has the following objectives:

Objective 1: To develop complete materials/resources for a course in Secure Coding for use by the federal government and colleges and universities in the U.S.
note: The Secure Coding course is intended primarily as an upper level college course for students with significant programming experience.
Objective 2: To create a Community of Practice of secure coding educators and experts to maintain and support a living library of secure coding resources.

In order to achieve the objectives of the Secure Coding Workshop, attendees will be required to perform some pre- and post- workshop activities.
Pre-workshop activities will include:

  • Participate in 1-2 virtual meetings, platform TBD, to allow introduction of the 15 working members and the facilitators.
  • Provide a sample syllabus of a secure coding and/or provide feedback to merge collective syllabi, prior to the September 10, with the intention that one or two cohesive syllabi will be fleshed out prior to the meeting.
  • Gather a set of materials (lectures, videos, labs, etc.) to be shared as part of the deliverable Secure Coding course.

Post-workshop activities will include:

  • Complete tasks from the meeting.
  • Develop one 10-20 minute video lecture in an assigned topic area of secure coding.
  • Participate in 2 virtual meetings, platform TBD, to springboard a community of practice in Secure Coding Education.