For anyone looking to participate in our SPLASH program: Summer is full for 2017, but we intend to offer an additional course during the Fall and Spring semesters! Keep a lookout for additional information!


SPLASH is an introductory programming logic course that prepares students to begin programming in any language.

Highlights and History

Here we present the history behind how SPLASH was formed, and we showcase our favorite projects SPLASH students created since 2012.

Project Team

Dr. Blair Taylor

Dr. Cara Tang

SPLASH Instructor

Dr. Sidd Kaza

We are always looking  for support from private, corporate, or government sources to continue this important initiative. Contact Dr. Siddharth Kaza, or Ms. Claire Keaton (Towson University Admissions)

SPLASH Summer 2017 was funded by GenCyber (NSA)

The Security Injections@Towson, SPLASH@Towson, and Cyber4All projects are supported by the National Science Foundation under grants NSF DUE-1241738,  NSF DUE -0817267, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1516113, NSF DGE-1241649, the GenCyber program, and the Intel Corporation.