Fall 2014 Application

The CIS Department at Towson University is offering a programming logic course (COSC 175) in Fall 2014 (27th August’ 2014 – 17th December’2014) geared to high school girls. This summer course will be taught online by Dr. Blair Taylor (btaylor@towson.edu). This section will include videotaped sessions, online notes and assignments, and proctored exams. Dr. Taylor will be using security injection modules from the Security Injections @ Towson project to ensure that students are introduced to important secure coding concepts. Students will receive 4 college credits (COSC175) upon successful completion.

We are asking that you distribute the attached announcement to any interested parties.  Please be advised that there is limited seating and a cap on how many students that will be accepted in this course.  Deadline for applications is 29th August’ 2014.

The following is list of documents and requirements that are needed for admission in the course and Towson University:

  1.  Completed attached HS Parallel Enrollment Form
  2.  Students must be Juniors or Seniors by Fall 2013 or Spring 2014.
  3. Copies of any PSAT scores or SAT scores
  4. Copies of official transcript from the school.
  5. Name and e-mail address of High School Coordinator.

Space is limited. Please contact one of the following to apply: