COSC175, General Computer Science

It is an introductory programming logic course that prepares students to begin programming in any language. Upon successful completion of COSC175, students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the software development process.
  • Analyze problems and design structured solutions.
  • Understand, create, and apply simple data types and arrays.
  • Create algorithmic solutions using basic control structures (sequence, decisions, loops) and functions.
  • Compile, execute, and run simple programs (in C++).
  • Understand the importance of secure programming.

Course Syllabus: (

SPLASH students receive 4 college credits upon successful completion. 


Towson University is one of the few colleges in the country that introduces secure coding from the first programming course to ensure that students learn secure and responsible coding. The SPLASH program includes security modules from the Security Injections @ Towson project ( to introduce secure coding concepts such as :

  • Integer error : Integer errors can happen when assignments, mathematical operations, and external input lead to a result that is too large to fit within the range of values that can be stored in variables of a given data type. These errors can lead to loss of data due to overflow, truncation, or sign problems.
  •  Input validation : Input validation vulnerabilities are caused by failure to verify that input data are within the right value range, contain the right data, or otherwise meet the appropriate specification.
  • Buffer overflow : Buffer overflow involves writing a value outside the boundaries of a bounded, static-size array.


Reasons for opting the course ?

  •  Students can learn more about creative aspect and critical thinking is  increased. Good  to take this course as builds knowledge in computer science.
  • As there are no major courses of computer class in high schools for credits, this program gives an opportunity for  students to explore new technology and method of learning.   

Skills needed for the course ?

  • critical thinking.
  • logical approach.
  • combination of logical implementation and creativity.

How to attain perfection in course ?

  • keep practicing.
  • work on basic examples
  • work  on labs and assignments.

Learning about cyber security ?

  • Students who did not have much awareness before, but things changed after they took up this course.
  • For those who thought security was just hacking before but they have known other aspects as well now.
  • Now students came to know what is  software security and how it works.

why Software security  important ?

  • It is important because its integrated in every program. especially for software, internet etc.

How did you understand code responsibly term ?

  • This increases the  aware of vulnerabilities and consider morality while entering into computer . No bad data is stored or used on computers.


Video sessions are conducted that are extremely helpful without any visual issues.

Is it better than to take online class than regular class ??

  • Previous students  were fine because they were working independently.
  • They were working as a team so they helped each other.
  • Students believe in social learning. They share ideals and able to cover all the points.

Best things about course and online procedure.

  • Work anytime
  • One week duration to all assignments
  • Check with schedule and prepare for the assignments and courses
  • Students can learn both about school and college way of teaching.
  • Students get prepared to manage course in college
  • Build more confidence in students when they are approaching new search like knowing about apps in mobile phones and knowing how they work with computer sciences
  • Any student can take this class irrespective of their main courses.

Any college credits ?

You get 4 college credits. 4 general credits. everyone has cs1. this can be a pre requisite for students who take cs1. over all they can reduce 4 credits for students in college over all UG out of 15 credits. Most of schools does not take AP credits. Students get credits but not grades. No high school credits for Summer course.